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Try giving up soda

You don’t have to give up taste

Having trouble drinking enough water, or giving up soda?

Our bodies are comprised mainly of water, and it is imperative that you keep your body hydrated. Try infusing your water with lemon, mint, cucumber, or your favorite berry! This alternative will give it a refreshing flavor and make your transition to a healthier lifestyle easier. A popular recipe is listed below, check it out!

If you are trying to give up soda, try drinking flavored sparkling water instead. The carbonation present in sparkling water can help you satisfy your craving. La Croix is a brand located at most grocery stores and has a variety of different flavors such as mango, peach, strawberry, and lime. These contain no artificial sweeteners or sodium, simply the sparking water and infusion of whichever flavor of your choice.

1/3 cup raspberries
4 lime slices
22 oz. filtered water


  1. Place the raspberries and lime slices in a 32-ounce Mason jar, and fill with 22 oz. filtered water.
  2. Stir, cover, and let it sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour, or overnight for more flavor.
  3. Add ice, stick a straw in, and enjoy!